Alpha Juno Editor


The Alpha Juno is the most capable sibling of Rolands famous Juno family, but also the hardest to edit. Now you can tweak your favorite 80s poly synth from within Ableton with this Max for Live device:

  • For Alpha Juno 1/2 and MKS-50
  • Bi-directional Sysex connection between your DAW and synth to read and write patches and parameter changes in realtime
  • Dynamic visualization of envelope shapes
  • Randomize all parameters to get going, or initialize all parameters to start from scratch
  • Automation and Midi mapping of all parameters
  • Save and load patches as single files to and from your computer and enjoy unlimited patch storage
  • Compact design that fits nicely into Abletons plugin panel


Editor Demo

What You'll Get

The download contains the following items, packaged in a zip file:

  • Alpha Juno Editor.axmd
  • Alpha Juno Editor Mappable.axmd
  • Info sheet with setup instructions and troubleshooting
  • Folder with example patches


Please note that you need an Alpha Juno 1/2 or MKS-50, as this editor is meant to control those synths – it won't make any sound by itself. Instructions how to connect the editor with your synth are included in the download.

The editor works with every Ableton version since Live 10 (when Ableton integrated Sysex support). It requires Max for Live, which is included with Live Suite.


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Alpha Juno Editor

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